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4.2 - Changes : Roadmap
Here you can see what plans and/or ideas are in store for future versions of Gracelets.

Plans & Ideas for Gracelets 2.1.0

  1. Support latest Groovy Features (1.6.4+).
  2. Support abstract request facade to integrate with Portlets more smoothly
  3. Integrate into JSF 2.0
  4. Make seamless integration with JavaFX, being able to define them right inside your view (with a special builder) and have them interact easily with your jsf application and jsf views.
  5. Create a new type of component: replaceable render template. This will allow you to define components that can be rendered in logical sections/sub sections and yet inside the view you can override or extend the rendering logic so that you can easily modify how a component is rendered for specific situations or needs.
  6. Create component and page level filtering, were you can create a filter (or a chain of filters) so that you can run the rendered output of a component or page through these filters and have more control over what actually ends up in the browser. The filters could find elements in a similiar fashion as jQuery but on the server side.
If you like one or more of the ideas above, would like to suggest a new one or have comments in regards to the next version of Gracelets, your comments are welcome. You can communicate your ideas via the User Forum