What is Gracelets?

Gracelets is principally a fusion of two main stream technologies, JSF 2.0 and Groovy. Gracelets is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for JSF web application development.

What does Gracelets Offer?

Gracelets provides support for writing JSF views, using Groovy. Groovy Closures can optionally be used as an alternative to the Expression Language. Gracelets provides Groovy Bindings allowing you to simply reference your JSF contextual environment.

Important NEWS

Gracelets 3.0.0.Alpha2 Released!!

This is the first testable release of Gracelets + JSF 2.0.

There will be various changes in the way Gracelets is offered. Many developers simply want to be able to edit JSF 2.0 views in groovy, but do not necesarilly want all of the other features provided by Gracelets 2.0/Facelets. Thus the core release of Gracelets will concentrate on simply providing Groovy as an alternative JSF View Language. And for the moment, the Alpha releases right now only provide writing JSF 2.0 views in groovy. Soon more of the new JSF 2.0 features will be integrated and enhanced with groovy support

For those that want more functionality, like the Gracelets 2.0 Controllers and Component Libraries, there will be add-on modules providing those features. Also once there is a stable Gracelets 3.0 release, there will be another module that will support Gracelets 2.0 features allowing any investments made more valuable and useable with Gracelets 3.0

Another important detail, is that due to the way the Facelets API was divided into public API and implementation specific code, for the moment you need an integration library that will allow Gracelets to access the Facelets tag libraries from the JSF 2.0 implementation. For now there is only a library available for the SUN RI or Mojarra.

Stay tuned for more updates.