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Gracelets welcomes all community support and involvement. There is a new Gracelets Forum that already has helpful topics and information.

There is also a reference manual that includes some tutorials and examples to help you get setup and started. You can get to the right manual using the Documentation link at the left.

In order to facilitate community involvement at the coding level, Gracelets projects recently were modified in order to use Maven 2.

Getting the latest code

Gracelets is being developed with Eclipse 3.4. And all of the projects are ready to be checked out using Eclipse. In addition you will need the Groovy Eclipse plugin, the SVN Eclipse Plugin (subeclipse) and the Maven 2 Eclipse plugin.

You can get these plugins for Eclipse 3.4 by adding these eclipse add-ons (see Help menu, Software Updates):
The SVN trunk for all Gracelets code is:

IMPORTANT: Before Gracelets 2.0.0 all standard gracelets related code was contained in a single SVN folder per version. From Gracelets 2.0.0 and onward there will be a more reusable and logical SVN repository structure in addition to the fact that all components (core, server, libraries, extensions, etc.,) will be using Maven 2.

The API and the implementation has now been separated. API changes should be much less common as implementation changes will be and this also easily allows other implementations to be developed simultaneously. API changes should not change between major versions once the API is considered stable.

SVN Repository Branch URL's
VersionStatusSVN Sub BranchProject Type
Gracelets 2.0.0+ SVN Repository Layout
API 2.0.0RC1/api/2.0.0Eclipse/Maven
Standard Implementation 2.0.0RC1/implementation/standard/2.0.0Eclipse/Maven
Server 1.0Alpha/server/1.0Eclipse
Tools 1.0Beta/tools/2.0.0Eclipse/Maven
Extension Code
The standard extensions are being stored in the 'extensions/standard' directory off the trunk. Since extensions must be compatible with the latest API but each extension has its own technology version number a layout has been created. Off the extensions directory you have the name of the extension, then the version of the Gracelets API it is compatibale with is a sub directory off the name of the extension. Each final directory is an Eclipse/Maven project. Under the API compatibility directory you have an indicator (usually a version number) of the technology being integrated and the extensions compatibility with it. So for instance, the JBoss Seam extension code is in the following SVN folder:

The above url implies that it is the extension that is compatible with the 2.0.0 API and should be compatible with all versions of JBoss Seam.

Library Code
The library code is stored in a similiar manner. For instance the JBoss JPA Bindings is in the following SVN folder:


The above url implies that this code is the standard JBoss Gracelets library compatible with Gracelets 2.0.0 API and with JBoss AS versions 4.x (4.0, 4.2, 4.3, etc.,).

Gracelets Server
Any Gracelets server should be compatible with all versions of Gracelets, thus there should be no need for a compatibility matrix. The code for the server is under the 'server' SVN folder off the trunk and under that is the version of the server. Currently the 1.0.0 alpha version is located at. It currently ships with Gracelets 1.3.0M1:


Gracelets Tools
Gracelets tools are meant to complement development and testing of Gracelets applications. It is many times heavily integrated with the Gracelets API and thus under the 'tools' SVN folder (off the trunk) is the version of the API the tools are compatible with. The latest tools code is now under: